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We are Whisk, brand & logo design specialists

We specialise in defining, designing and elevating brands through stylish, effective design solutions.

The importance of a strong brand design cannot be understated. Through colour, tone and feel you can tell the story of your brand and what you do. A successful brand design is impactful, memorable and thrives in simplicity.

We’ll work with you to comprehend your brand, the message you want to relay and the customers you seek to attract. From there, we’ll provide a creative brand design solution that perfectly represents your brand and attracts customers.

Our client base is incredibly varied and our approach is tailored to each client’s needs so whether you’re a new business looking to define your branding or a large, established business looking to refresh your brand, we have the solution for you.

We work alongside you to inspire and motivate

At Whisk, our approach is personal and hands-on. We are passionate about what we do and who we do it with. This means that whether we’re creating branding from the ground-up or refreshing your current branding, you’ll be included and informed for each step of the process. We want you to not only approve of the designs that we create but to feel inspired and motivated by them.

We have seen first hand the positive ripples of change that fresh branding can bring and we work to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Whisk experience.

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